About Us

"The word Go– Ish" comes into existence when promoter of Group Company i.e. Mohan Drug & Formulations (P) Ltd. Vadodara, decided to launch a new company. It came from promoter’s parents Go (Govindram) – Ish (Ishwaridevi). Go–Ish Remedies Ltd. was incorporated under company’s act 1956 on date 29th Jan.2003 company No. 02423/GU2003PLC4191 & commencement of business was done on 21 Feb.2003. The company is situated in Excise free Zone i.e. Himachal Pradesh. Currently, the company has taken over the ownership of GSB Pharmaceuticals(India) & has developed the state of art manufacturing facility.

The company has state of manufacturing facilities at 2 plants.

Unit 1 at Kishanpura, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh
Unit 2 at Souri Gujran, Panjhera, Himachal Pradesh

  •  We think beyond our limitations.
  •  Leading in the industry with vast experience of 20 years.
  •  Quality is our priority.
  •  On-time delivery of products.
  •  Believe in long term relationship with our customer.
  •  Market Competetive priced products.
  •  Variety of products at a single destination.
  •  Client-centric approach.

Board of Directors

Nanak G. Mohan

Pahilaj G. Mohan

Ghanshyam G. Mohan